Team Roster

Team rosters are due May 5

To complete a team roster, click Open Template, download or save a copy, and follow the instructions included in the template. 

Open Template

An invitation to access our collaboration site will be sent to the team captain's registered email address approximately 1 week after registration. To submit a roster to this site, a Google account is required (i.e. Gmail). Login to your Google account and accept the invitation within 14 days of receiving the notification. When you are ready to submit your final roster, click Submit Roster below, login, and drag and drop your team roster. Don't have a Google account, no problem. Alternatively, submit the final roster by email, go to the Home Page and select Contact Us. Roster updates may be made no later than May 4 by following instructions included in the template.

Submit Roster

Division changes can be made no later than May 4. To submit a division change go to the Home Page and select Contact Us.

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